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  • Join me, as I take you through my whole morning routine for school days!
  • This book is for a younger audience to read, it is an animal book but each animal is for a different letter of the alphabet in french. Me and my friend this for a Home economics/French project in school!
  • Join me as I take you guys through some of my favorite thing that I love in the world!
  • Join us as we look at lots of different dogs that live in the world.
  • Join Super pig as he brings you around his house for a tour. You will see every room and everything he has in each one. Also the layout of his home. Hope you all enjoy!
  • Join super pig on his brand new adventure to stop the Evil witch of Pig world.......This book is one of the many in my series "Super pig" I hope you enjoy this very much.
  • Join Super pig and his girlfriend Isabelle on a Christmas adventure as they get the house, gifts, and food for Christmas dinner ready for their friend's and family so they can all have the best Christmas ever together.
  • This book is filled with so many beautiful sights, places and things in the world. Hope you all enjoy these amazing pictures.
  • This is a book about six of the amazing animals in the world so come and join me as we see these incredible animals on a journey you won't ever forget.

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