My Public Books

  • This is the continuation of the hidden adventure of the sneaky cat Magic Kitty and the thrilling story of the princesses that don't always get along
  • This is a fictional story about a royal cat and her adventures in the castle.
  • About a dolphin who misses her friends and wants to have a friend.
  • Jack the German Shepherd is becoming a guide dog. He can't wait! Let him lead you through his journey.
  • Aaron Manly and his family foster horses (See the other Horse Hill books) . A gorgeous dappled Shire comes to them to be fostered one day, the same day Aaron and Katie visit the children's hospital. Aaron spots a great candidate to adopt the horse, but will that unfortunate person be able to? Or will other people take her first? Find out in THE Horse Hill Wish!
  • Aaron Manly's family fosters horses. A new horse named Snowflake comes to be fostered. Nobody seems interested in her and to top that, a secret person keeps riding her in the night! Find out what happens in: Horse Hill Snowflake.
    Check out the next book, Wish!
  • A fantastic book for 2nd graders and older. Also amazing for animals lovers, especially for horse lovers.
    If your wondering, Mike is their friend and no longer shows in any of the books.
    Check out the next book, Snowflake!
  • Toby, a Chihuahua, is a shelter dog, rejected by most. When Toby is introduced to the police dog business, he's determined to become a police dog. But his power is under estimated and things become serious... Will Toby reach his dream?
    Genre: Fiction
    Chapter Book
  • Danger is a Doberman pinscher who longs to be a search and rescue dog. But he can't seem to make the cut. Will Danger ever be "on point"? Find out in Danger Search and Rescue Dog!
  • In Pizza Land, Candy Corn deals with bullies and teaches at school. The Cookie and Soda families have dinner.
  • Welcome to the secretive agency of food. Agents Sandwiched, On-the-bone, and Sizzle are discovering the life of the most popular: Cereal. But when a new problem shows up, what will the agents do? This hilarious book is a must read for all ages.
  • On a deserted, overgrown island, there lived a family of unicorns...
  • This story is about a boy named Anthony who gets a horse named Satin Beauty for his 10th birthday. He and his horse compete in my dressage competitions until his horse dies 13 years after Anthony got her...
  • About a princess and her musical talent.
    Published 7/25/2018
  • A well said story though has lots of imagination spread throughout it.
    A strongly encouraged story for the dog lover.
    Very interesting and makes the reader want more.
  • A brief introduction to leopards, their characteristics, diet, and similarities with other cats. Mentions the snow leopard and encourages further reading.
  • In the land of Sweets, Ethan and Linus cause trouble at school. King and Queen take action to restore peace.
  • Bob is back and so is Shiner. Wild horses in trouble and Shiner saving the day? Find out if it's a happy ending.
  • A little dolphin is found on the beach. She loses her tail and she might lose her adopted mom too. What will this little dolphin do?
  • A story about two fruit slices in love, their struggle against King Chocolate, and their ultimate happy ending at a wedding beach party.
  • horse. horse. what is better then a horse? find out in this active,amazing,horseful book.
  • One coyote is a fantastic singer. But others are mad. What will happen? Find out!
  • My second book.

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