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  • Finally! The Other World Part2 is out! I hope you all enjoy, and already starting part3!!! Please don't hate me for leaving you guys on a mega cliff hanger. I hope you all can realize though Julie is The Evil Queen's daughter. But She is very unstable for she doesn't know if she wants to be bad or good? Comment and like. Tell me if you want Julie bad or good!!!
  • Finally, Finished The Other World Series. I hope you all enjoy and like this book!!!! Hope Everyone enjoys and I may or may not be making "Life In The Other World." There is only a chance of this happening. I am still not sure.

    Btw, I am starting a new series which is called The Ice Crystal!!! When I am finished pleased like, and comment.
  • The Red Witch, Dusk Clan, and The Other World are my favorite books! Please enjoy, please no mean comments! However, if you really like this series ( The Other World ) comment down below!

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