Neha Palakurthi is a ten year old who loves reading and writing. She loves to write about adventure,mystery, and things she'd love to do.

Books by Neha P

  • A simple and short story about how a secret superhero saves a huge diamond from being stolen. Recommended for ages 3-5
    by Neha P
  • A retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella: A girl lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and is treated very badly. One day she sneaks into a ball and she and the prince fall in love. The next day The prince looks for the one who can fit the glass slipper.
    by Neha P
  • Erica is just a normal girl. But one day she finds a map and manages to get inside Raven field the Magical village without being eaten. But the enchantment that protects Raven field is broken. Can Ella save Raven field? or will she die on the journey? Read to find out. Please like and comment!
    by Neha P
  • The golden carnation (carnations are a type of flower) is a different version of beauty and the beast.
    by Neha P
  • Ella just moved into Westline city and she's not used to the noise. To make it worse, it's her first day of school and Ella is VERY nervous. Read 1st day of school to find out what happens at Westline elementry school. I hope you enjoy this book. Please like and comment
    by Neha P
  • travel with Addison and her new friend Sally to save a magical kingdom from an evil queen! look for smiley faces in a few of the images and tell me in the comments if you found all of them. If you didn't find all of them, tell me how many you found! I hope you enjoy this book!
    by Neha P

Books I Like

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