My Public / Unpublished Books (10)

  • Blueberry and Strawberry are best friends. One day they find a tunnel, but what will be inside of it?
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 379
    Star Icon 27
  • Kicker the kangaroo, Finder the fox, and Larry the lizard are traveling together to try to find water. Find out the characters special talents in this adventurous kids book.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 743
    Star Icon 23
  • A little birdhouse is sitting on a branch, waiting for a bird to come and live in it.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 9113
    Star Icon 173
  • Jack, a pet shop worker, seeks help from a pet trainer to control the crazy animals. With the trainer's guidance, Jack learns to manage the pets and turns Crazy Pet into the most popular store in town.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 1295
    Star Icon 25
  • Tom the baker needs to bake a wedding cake for Judy and Peter.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 540
    Star Icon 22
  • A pirate crew encounters a rival ship, explores a cave, and finds a treasure chest filled with crystals and gold.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 224
    Star Icon 17
  • Bubble the adventurous dolphin wants to go on a adventure with someone, but no one will do it with her! This book is to teach people that everyday is an adventure.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 221
    Star Icon 15
  • This lost fox can't find his friends! If you are taking a walk with your family, make sure you pay a lot of attention to them or else you might get lost like this poor fox!
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 109
    Star Icon 13
  • This stubborn horse won't do what anybody tells him to! Will he stay stubborn forever? Read to find out.
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 533
    Star Icon 14
  • A horse who wakes up one day to see that she has beautiful wings!
    by FoxesRKewl
    Eye Icon 546
    Star Icon 37

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