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  • Lou is a girl who lost her friend. Now with the help of her other friends Lara and Georgie they will uncover the truth of that day
  • This is book 1!!
    Im making a series about The Pony Cases if you read this book please comment so i can get back to you and read yours to like if you think it is really good please tell me what you think Make sure you look out for the next one!The next one is called The Pony Cases Puddle it is not realised yet but it will be published on the 18/03/2017 or 19/02/2017
    i AM not sure what one will be published first but im making a new one as well as Puddle
  • hi i hope you like the story of lily and the popcorn dragon
  • I like my personality and i wanted you to know it and were i live
  • This is my a to z of animals some won't be there
  • Hey guys i have made a book about unicorns and the illustrator is Lunamoon111 check her out! i will be continued in another book thank you and tell me in the comments what kind of stories to write thank you for reading!

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