My Public / Unpublished Books (8)

  • What if you were in burning building, would you...
    by GeorgeHey
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  • Hey guys, wanna join my first Minecraft story? You hear me? Come on join me on my crazy adventure! Love ya (3rd book)
    by GeorgeHey
    Eye Icon 374
    Star Icon 19
  • A diary-style story of a dog's daily adventures, including losing a bone, getting new presents, trading, driving lessons, shopping, and dreams.
    by GeorgeHey
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    Star Icon 6
  • Can you find the French fries on each page? Go in and be in a yummy adventure(My 2nd book.)
    by GeorgeHey
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    Star Icon 22
  • A tiger causes chaos at a school, but is eventually killed. Then, a car crash leads to a heated argument resolved by Barack Obama.
    by GeorgeHey
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    Star Icon 10
  • This if normally what a noob does in minecraft! (6th book)
    by GeorgeHey
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    Star Icon 64
  • A guide for playing Minecraft, providing step-by-step instructions on gathering resources, building a house, and finding diamonds.
    by GeorgeHey
    Eye Icon 726
    Star Icon 33
  • Space war 1! The space characters are doing a battle and the bad team wants to take over the world.See what happens in my creativity.Oldest book
    by GeorgeHey
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