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  • The story follows the Gray Order, a group of outcasts from Noxus who seek arcane knowledge. They settle in the Voodoo Lands and have a child named Annie, who possesses great power.
    by Gillehyacinth
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  • A cobbler's wife develops an insatiable appetite for radishes from a witch's garden. The cobbler steals the radishes but is caught by the witch, who demands their child in return. The child, named Rapunzel, grows up locked in a tower until a knight rescues her. The witch punishes Rapunzel and blinds the knight, but they eventually reunite and live happily ever after.
    by Gillehyacinth
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  • A meeting is held to elect the king of vegetables. After hearing each vegetable's qualities, a little girl suggests her mother, who cooks them all, should be the queen.
    by Gillehyacinth
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