My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • Yellow is new to the group and an imposter, but what she dosen't know is that her innocent act won't work on these boys.Read this book and find out what happens.Make sure to like and comment so we can fix stuff.
    by GoldenFighter
    Eye Icon 47
    Star Icon 9
  • Pink has reported a body and says she saw the vent open is this it for our 2 Imposters?
    by GoldenFighter
    Eye Icon 75
    Star Icon 15
  • When Pink is just about to report a body Green and White think it's a Self-Report what will Pink do now?
    by GoldenFighter
    Eye Icon 108
    Star Icon 15
  • While Blue gets new players 2 of them is an Imposter!, Will Black and Brown win as the Imposters? You will have to see in the next book!
    by GoldenFighter
    Eye Icon 74
    Star Icon 17
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