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  • Ocean Buddies is a group of friends that learn important lessons in life. Wallus Whale has to learn forgiveness when Sharon Shark hurts him. Join Wallus on his journey towards forgiveness and all the other Ocean Buddies on their upcoming adventures.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • A girl named Tessala visits from a flat country and goes on adventures to an amusement park, the Grand Canyon, and Whistler mountain.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • Julianna is a 12 year old girl, whose mom gets pregnant. She goes thogh a lot while her mom is pregnant. Suddenly her mom gets sick. Will the babies survive?
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • Are you thinking right now,"What should I do?"
    If you are this book is for you.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • by Hedgehog30705
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  • Teana is excited to meet her new neighbor, Edith, and they become best friends. Their families also become close and spend time together.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • Teana is going to school today. It Is her first day of school.
    This is the second book in the Teana series.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • Teana loves birthdays. She love the gifts. This is the first book in the Teana series.
    by Hedgehog30705
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  • Have you ever wanted a pet really bad. I have. My name is Sophie. I love hedgehogs. I have wanted a hedgehog for 4 years. I am 11 almost twelve. My birthday is around the couner. I want a hedgehog for my birthday. Will Sophie get a hedgehog for her birthday?
    by Hedgehog30705
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