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  • In the land of Pantalaia, Queen Redwood's dragon egg is stolen by Queen Flame. The egg hatches into Palm, who teams up with Tsunami and Krystal to retrieve it. They use a magical sword to turn Queen Flame and her tribe into stone, saving Pantalaia.
  • Sophie and Lyla receive a mysterious letter warning them of an impending danger. They are transported to a magic shop where they learn about evil robots planning to invade Earth. With the help of magical items, they manage to defeat the robots and turn them into obedient helpers.
  • Ariana gets kidnapped and communicates with her friend Cathrine through a phone. They work together to escape.
  • A young girl named Holly receives a series of mysterious notes from a dove named Almawt and an anonymous entity called Nameless. She is led on a scavenger hunt around her house to find jewelled keys, ultimately discovering that the goal was to free another dove named Marah.
  • A student saves up tickets to buy an item from the Treasure Box in art class and chooses a stuffed cat named Whisker.
  • Pandas. Owls. Hostages. Letters. Spies. Secret Agents. Plans. All of this because of a cold war.
    But cold wars don't stay cold wars forever, do they?
    And if they don't-what happens next?
  • Xiomara, a young girl, receives mysterious letters about missing hippos. Guided by the letters, she embarks on a magical journey to find the Jade Flower and save the hippos.
  • You got a packet of twelve slow-rising foam, squishable, two-inch-tall pencil toppers. Cool, right? Then they come to life. Even cooler, right?
    It's all fun and games until talking pencil toppers get out of control.
  • Leia Enger is transported to an Egyptian pyramid through a portal in her art room. She must complete a scavenger hunt within an hour or awaken a mummy. She finds all the items and returns home.

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