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Books by Jocey

  • The sequel to Freaky Frank! Frank takes a trip to the zoo, and the animals don't seem to like him very much... comment down below what you would've done in his position!
    by Jocey
  • Read this unusual mystery, and solve the mystery of a innocent man murdered. Read the riddle, and see if you can solve it! ( Hint: look at each page closely! )
    by Jocey
  • Read this cartoon, comedy short story, about the flaws of Frankenstein, and what would happen if he lived a human life! Also, read the sequel to this, Freaky Frank Goes To The Zoo!
    by Jocey
  • This is a story about unusual fortune. Jim is plucking a flower from the ground for his wife, then something unusual happens. He struggles to give it to his wife, Karen. But, in a unexpected way he "gives" it to her, different in a way then all had expected! Read to find out how the funny, love, inspired book wraps up!
    by Jocey

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