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  • Amy needs help! She doesn't know which path is right! She doesn't know which one to take! If she takes the wrong one then she will end up in the house of the Big Bad Wolf! So help Amy choose the right path with the right integer in Little Red Integers. This book is a choose your own adventure book.
    by Komal Minhas - Morning Star MS (1114)
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  • Sally was a shy girl but when she gets a puppet everything changes. Her grandma, her house, everything. Will anything get back to normal? Will anyone even notice? Find out! Go and discover the plan's for The Dummy's Revenge.
    by Komal Minhas - Morning Star MS (1114)
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  • Jenna Is Suddenly a Monkey! She finds more people like her, or at least she thinks. She goes to a wizard's castle with her new friends. Will they turn back to human or not? Follow Jenna on her journey to become human again! #Adventure
    by Komal Minhas - Morning Star MS (1114)
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