Lokeshwari Aruljyothi

I am Praggy. I am now in Grade 2! I like to play all day.I also like to build using Legos.More than all I love to create my own books! I hope you all enjoy my books.

My Public Books

  • Enjoy Sai and Praggy's colourful illustrations of their favorite characters from Dr.Suess' books along with their wonderful narrations with their little partner ,Krishika!
  • In "My timeline",the author not only takes you to his early days,but a hundred years from now !Enjoy this journey of a jolly boy along his timeline of life.
  • " My Wishes" reveals the innocence of a little boy and his yearning to play and find friends to play.It reminds us of our childhood dreams...dreams as simple as just playing and exploring our own imagination!
  • "Dino Praggy's Dinobot" is the world of robotic dinosaurs created with building blocks by Praggy himself! Further more he has also given life to these "dinobots" with his various voice modulations.Immerse into the book and enjoy his imaginations !
  • "Me and my dad" is a simple wish,rather expectation of any small boy from his father.Spend time with them,take them out in the sun and just keep playing ! Dad would become their first and forever hero!
  • "Fruit Salad maker" is the dream of a small boy who wishes the make the world happy by keeping them healthy by selling fruits for a dollar.
  • Dinosaurs may have died long ago.But,they are still a favorite creature of all the children."Dinosaur TRex" describes a dinosaur from a child's view.The 6 year old author,Praggy,takes you to his world of Trex.Immerse into his world of dinosaurs-real,fake or fossil....Its all in here!

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