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  • Granddaughter Jillian will soon be having a surgery to enable her to walk. It will be a long recovery and she will be hospitalized for 6 to 8 weeks. She will also be separated from her two little sisters during this time. I am hoping my story, which includes many familiar characters to her, will be a source of joy and entertainment during this time.
    by Mike Henderson
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  • Everybody loves unicorns, especially kids. My granddaughters, the girls mentioned in this book, are no exception. I wrote and sang a little song for them a while back called I'M LOOKING FOR A UNICORN. Some of the lyrics are "Well, I'm looking for a unicorn. I'm looking at the end of a rainbow." This story was developed from that little song.
    by Mike Henderson
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  • When granddaughter Jillian was a little girl she would ask me to tell her stories. One night I was very tired, so my story was "Once upon a time...the end". "That's not enough words", said Jillian. Now she is learning to read all of the words. Jillian and her sisters, Chloe and Olivia, inspire me to write little songs and stories. This story is an adaptation from one of the songs.
    by Mike Henderson
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  • Chloe is a fun loving little girl and she loves to spend time outdoors. She and her family live in a small town in the panhandle of Nebraska. She has two sisters, Jillian, and Livvy. At the time of this writing Jillian has undergone a surgery that will enable her to eventually walk. She is hospitalized in far away Denver, and will be there for a long six to eight weeks. The girls are staying with Grammy Tammy while Jillian and her parents are in Denver. Chloe loves chickens and this story is meant to entertain them while they are separated from Jillian. Grammy Tammy is the real MVP of the story.
    by Mike Henderson
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