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  • One day, the old man went out to the forest to cut some trees, while his wife carried their laundry to the river for washing. While the woman was scrubbing her clothes, she was surprised to see a giant peach floating towards her down the river.

    "Wow, that's a huge peach," she said. "It looks as large as the moon!”

    "Come here you big peach!" shouted the woman. Slowly, as if by magic, the peach bobbed over to where she was on the river bank.

    "This sure is a mysterious peach," she said, hoisting the giant fruit out of the water.
  • legend biggins
  • An old fisher man found great luck and found a magical flounder(fish) first his mean wife didn't believe him but when he shows it on her she blows the wishes on random stuff and at the end the fisher man ends up with a string of sausages, living in a castle.

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