My Public Books

  • This book may be long but it's a cute and fun book which I really like.
  • there's like 2 pages to this D:
  • Little Jamie (who is shown by his face instead of words) is going to the public park today! Will he see his friends? Will he be sad when he gets home? Will he get in trouble? Read and find out!
  • Kia doesn't want to go to sleep in her bed, she wants to sleep in her mommy and daddy's bed. But her mommy and daddy shows her why sleeping is important and fun in her own bed.
  • This book is about a dog named Jack who had no friends so he decided to make a dog club. What will happen next? Read and find out!
  • This book is in french and i recommend it!/ Cette livre est en francais et je recommend le livre!! Enjoy!
  • Learn the ABC's with Jessica! Kids will look at each page with the words that the letter start's with! This book is in english and I will make a french version with another person soon!

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