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  • For years I have left.. My time to return is right. SHINZO SASAGAYOA
    by MarshMelon
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  • Red is a average space controls guy but when an ancient evil arises from the Underworld and the crew are in danger he is chosen to help them to safety will he prevail? Join red and lime on the the greatest Among Us adventure yet!
    by MarshMelon
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  • In this book, I will show the best tips for Making the best books on story jumper! Make sure to like if this helped you!

    -------- Tools to help---------

    Photo Scissors ---
    Photo editor ---
    by MarshMelon
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  • found this book, but i didn't write it, whats going on
    by MarshMelon
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  • The investigation is complete, join Nigel and Ryan as they try to escape Baldi's camp...
    by MarshMelon
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  • Just for the note books...
    by MarshMelon
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  • So, it's been a long while since my last full on investigation. My life has been screwed ever since Ricky died in that accident, that why I am going into the past
    by MarshMelon
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    The demon world is planning to take over earth, and Holly Jesus plans to stop them, but when he meets a strange demon everything changes what will happen next? Find out in World Demon ep 1
    by MarshMelon
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  • hello guys freee trailer for the third book please enjoy this my brothers
    by MarshMelon
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  • the new anime series from me MarshMelon/ MelonSlice, I hope you enjoy!
    by MarshMelon
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  • INVESTIGATION 102 is finally here! Enjoy this new book continuing from book 1.

    Ryan is in baldies summer school and for no reason! So Ash and the others have to rescue him! What will happen next in this new book?
    by MarshMelon
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  • splatoon song! I hope you enjoy!
    by MarshMelon
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