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  • The tale of how the phoenix is created
  • This book can be for anyone who can read it. From Baby's to Grandma/ Grampa. Witch means everyone.

    I hope you really enjoy this book. By 2 creators: Elysha & Heudrik. The same family. I hope you really enjoy this storyjumper book!

    Enjoy! :D
  • All about a silly book saying silly stuff
  • The thing is... I had not finished yet. This is for you to just read the things that i had wrote down.

    I hope you had like this story.

    Enjoy! :)
  • I am not finished with this book yet.
  • Christmas day is so special that its when it is Jesus's birthday.
    Santa gives out presents to people only if they are good.
    The elves make the presents.
    I hope you like this story.
    Enjoy! :)
  • Guys i really think you like this book even i have not finished it yet. IF YOU LIKE IT MAKE SURE PUT IN YOUR LIKE'S!

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