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  • Join Jemma, a lively and imaginative girl with ADHD, on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery and friendship. In this charming tale, Jemma's vibrant thoughts create a world of endless adventures, guided by her faithful companion Benny, the worry bug. As Jemma navigates the challenges of school, she learns to embrace her uniqueness and turns every moment into a magical experience.
    by Narelle W
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  • Toys from early times to today useful for teaching early years primary about historical toys.
    by Narelle W
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  • This is a scary story written by students at Ellenbrook IPS.
    by Narelle W
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  • This book is about the materials we use to make everyday objects and where we get those materials from. It addresses the Pre-primary science syllabus topic "What things are made of".
    by Narelle W
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  • Jenna, a spoodle, gives birth to five puppies. The story provides information on caring for puppies and creating a puppy/child relationship.
    by Narelle W
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  • A story about puppies and how to care for them
    by Narelle W
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  • The story follows Amy, a Calico cat, and her journey of motherhood, as she gives birth to multiple litters of kittens and raises them with the help of her human family.
    by Narelle W
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  • Journey with Jemma An ADHD story By N. Wasley

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