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  • Mike Schmidt is a very poor teen that is looking eagerly for a job, any application suitable that pays lots of money and works for him. Luckily, for him he finds a job at a family pizzeria that is called Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria were fun and dreams come true. But do they really? Find out in the offficial first novel by ThatGuyFreddy
    by SamIsMeeseeks
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  • In the middle of Mike's nightshift, he passes out finding his Boss explaining the accidents that occured! This is the second last book in the FNAF Book Series!
    by SamIsMeeseeks
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  • Mike is trying to figure out the mystery of what happened to the children and what exactly is the boss hiding? Find out in the most thrilling set of two books and make sure to leave a like. From Freddy
    by SamIsMeeseeks
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  • The second night and the third book to go into my Five Night's at Freddy's series look out for the FNAF series special coming out soon! Love you all!
    by SamIsMeeseeks
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  • Hey Guys! This is my second novel out of the "Five Night's At Freddy's" series! I Hope you like it! Mike remembers the truth and that fateful day of the murder when four children where killed and is more confident to finish the job. He also completes his first night. Please comment or leave a like
    by SamIsMeeseeks
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