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  • This is a book for Milly Schuman, a 17-month old who wakes up her parents every night. It's supposed to convince her to roll over and go back to sleep instead. . . . Update--2 years later. Milly is now 3 and still wakes up her parents. But she loves this book.
    If you enjoyed reading it, try "Halina's Book," which I just finished at Storyjumper.
    by Sharon Schuman
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  • This is my third book for grandkids. Everyone should do this!
    by Sharon Schuman
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  • The Snow Queen is a story about a queen who wants something impossible and manages to get it. Milly (6) and Grandma (74) made it together.
    by Sharon Schuman
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  • Sage(3) and Milly (7) wanted to write a book. Sage came up with the whole plot and title, as Milly and I asked him questions. Milly took notes, illustrated the book and created other fine touches. I helped navigate the storyjumpeor site. A great activity with grandkids.
    by Sharon Schuman
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  • I wrote this book for my granddaughter Halina, who lives in St. Louis and likes to fly all over the USA to visit family. Once she got very angry when her parents would not let her walk outside on the wing of the airplane.
    by Sharon Schuman
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