My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • The story follows the life of Harry Potter, a young magician with unique powers, as he attends a magical university, faces challenges, and ultimately triumphs over a villain.
    by SidraKhair
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  • The story continues with Harry Potter being locked in his room by his guardian. His friends rescue him and take him to their house before going to Hogwarts. Harry discovers he can speak Parseltongue, encounters strange noises, and investigates the Chamber of Secrets.
    by SidraKhair
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  • The book discusses the importance of listening in various aspects of life, provides strategies for active listening, and highlights barriers to effective listening.
    by SidraKhair
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  • Hello Everyone, this is my second book on Story Jumper. Simple machine is one of my favourite topic and I thought lets make a book on it. I hope you find it useful. Will wait for your feedback. THANK YOU.
    by SidraKhair
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