My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Pinkie Pie goes on a baking adventure, visiting her friends and delivering cakes. She ends up giving Princess Celestia tons of cake.
    by Zoe Tejada
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    Star Icon 16
  • Starlight Glimmer and Trixie have a bonding day in Ponyville, visiting the spa, baking, watching a movie, and meeting their friends near the train station.
    by Zoe Tejada
    Eye Icon 800
    Star Icon 30
  • A duck repeatedly asks a lemonade stand owner for grapes, annoying him. The owner eventually buys grapes but the duck asks for lemonade instead.
    by Zoe Tejada
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    Star Icon 26
  • A child's excitement for Christmas and their family gathering, with descriptions of each family member and their pets.
    by Zoe Tejada
    Eye Icon 33
    Star Icon 6
  • Emma, a 10-year-old dog, introduces her family and their preferences. She mentions her twin Emily, her parents Mia and Chip, her siblings Daisy, Shaggy, and Peter.
    by Zoe Tejada
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    Star Icon 2

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