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  • Jamie learns the only way to stop Derkaz is to contact someone from another world, but how? Meanwhile Rachel and Thunder are trapped in Derkaz's Lair. And Celestine is lost in the woods (litterally!) When they hear the mysterious prophecy on how to save Fantasy city it seems like the task is immpossible! Will they figure out their prophecy or die trying?
  • So the voting ends on Wednesday, June 23! Good luck on your book being chosen :D
  • I am sorry I have been inactive for awihle but just enjoy MOMMY MOMMY I HURT MY TOE! xD
  • KREW is a group composed of five siblings: Funneh, Gold, Rainbow, Lunar, and Draco! Learn more about them in this book! They are funny, amazing, and the BEST YOUTUBERS EVER! So make sure to subscribe to them!
  • One day Celestine Rodreguiz wakes up with her brother, her friend Rachel, and dog on a cloud. When a guy on a DRAGON saves her life and Rachel's dog confesses he was from Fantasy City, Celestine is about ready to faint. Dragon dude takes them to Fantasy City that is beautiful, but strangly empty. When the princess tells them of a terrible illness that is spreading they accept the quest to find the Starlight flower that will save everyone. Will they acomplish the task or die for Fantasy City!
  • Celestine, Thunder, Rachel, and Delilah set of on a quest to find Jamie. When horrible news that he is being turned evil comes, they find out that they only have 10 days to save him. Meanwhile Delilah seems to be getting possesed by something... Will they make it through the Jungle of Fwampshy to save Jamie or will the evil lord of darkness and ruler of ALL monsters, Derkaz take control over the whole world!?
  • One day after two monthes of calm in Fantasy City Thunder and all the Moonlight Wolves mysteriously go missing. Rachel, Celestine, and Jamie set of to Fantasy City for there quest. They are forced to bring along Delilah, the queen's daughter. She turns out to be not only a pest but a great help on there journey to Icelanctia. The place Celestine and Rachel suspect the Moonlight Wolves might be. Are they right or will they freeze in Icelanctia for nothing!
  • This is a book that includes everything about me, the author of the Starlight Flower and other soon to come books. Hope you enjoy!
  • How 2 make slime is a beginers guide to slime making! Pro slime makers plz give me suggestions. Thx 4 reading!
  • This book will explain everything u need 2 know about ROBLOX. It's a super fun online vid game that u r sure 2 love!

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