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  • This book is about survival science. It explains topics like ecosystems, the food pyramid, photosynthesis, symbiosis, the cascade effect, animal adaptation, and more. It also has questions related to each topic. This interactive book is written for elementary and middle school children, but also for teachers and educators who teach such topics in the classroom or anyone who is interested in them. I hope that it will be interesting to you and deepen your passion for science and nature.
    by Alexandra Vese
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  • It is very important to reduce climate change and pollution, so I wrote this book about how you can protect the environment. It includes advice about how to save electricity; reduce fuel consumption when driving; save water; recycle; compost; reduce your solid waste; avoid wasting food; buy food that is better for the environment; buy other products that are better for the environment; spread awareness; and write letters to government officials.
    by Alexandra Vese
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  • This book explains the Endangered Species Act and highlights four species that should be protected under it: peñasco least chipmunk, saola, lesser prairie-chicken, and monarch butterfly.
    by Alexandra Vese
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