My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • Miss Ant takes her class on a field trip to the forest, but ants keep disappearing. They eventually return safely.
    by anacrisroman
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  • Teacher Lia notices a sad girl named Jenn who can't play due to a heart condition. Lia reflects on her own behavior and discusses it with her husband.
    by anacrisroman
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  • A young animal campaigns to become president of the forest with the help of friends and delivers a successful speech.
    by anacrisroman
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  • A cat, a chicken, and a bird go on an adventure to help the bird find his way home and defeat some monsters.
    by anacrisroman
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  • A giraffe loses her beloved toy donkey to an eagle, but with the help of her friends, she retrieves it and becomes happy again.
    by anacrisroman
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