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  • A heartfelt story, with some character friends of mine from my house! Please like and comment after reading!
  • The girls are given a quest, their first quest! It is harder than they expected, and the quest is also full of surprises. Will they make it out and get one step closer to their prize? Please like and comment after reading!
  • The first book in the series, this adorable book will melt your hearts and send you into gales of laughter all at the same time. How special is this book? Very! Read to find out what happens! Please like and comment!
  • The main character, Elsa, babysits her two younger siblings, Little Elsa and Bubby, while their parents are away. But something unexpected happens, and Elsa is left feeling extremely worried. Will she fix it and live happily ever after, or will her life change forever? Read the book to find out! Please like and comment!
  • Enjoy! I hope you like it! I thought I should make one of illusions nobody has done before! Please comment if you've read it, I'm trying to get to 100 comments before school starts again in August!
  • You might think this whole "Hedgie's Last Day" thing seems a bit sketchy. No, she's NOT going to die. Read the book to see what happens!

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