My Public / Unpublished Books (10)

    by Peter Liu
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  • I have very bad news...
    by Peter Liu
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  • Book 2 tells us about strategies for Hope you enjoy XD.
    by Peter Liu
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  • The story begins when the Knight, Alex, discovers that the sleeping Shadow Dragon in the Caves of the Unknown has awakened. Fulfilling an ancient prophecy, he goes back with his dragons, Salamander and Aqua, to find the Sword of the Ancients and destroy the evil Dragon to save the world from the Shadow Dragon's rule.
    Hope you guys like it!

    P.S. It's a bit long, but please take your time to read it. It means a lot to me!
    by Peter Liu
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  • Part 2
    by Peter Liu
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  • An Aesop Fable about learning to work and play at the same time.
    by Peter Liu
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  • a very brave and adventurous knight, who was very nice to two dragons, a fire dragon and a water dragon.He goes on a super cool adventure. Thanks for reading (and liking) I really appreciate it thanks!

    -Peter C. Liu
    by Peter Liu
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  • A totally random book, but it's very funny :]

    p.s. if you think the dedication thing is too long, let me know and i'll delete it (or just skip it)
    by Peter Liu
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  • Use these secret codes to confuse and trick your friends!!!
    by Peter Liu
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  • A guide to the game, explaining its gameplay, features, and modes, as well as providing tips and tricks for players.
    by Peter Liu
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