My Public Books

  • Farmer Bob learns about calculating area to solve his horse problem and help his wife with carpet measurements.
  • Pete, who hates measuring and math, learns to appreciate perimeter with the help of his friend Spook and his teacher.
  • Captain Gut and his crew seek help from Volume Man to find out how many cubes can fit in their oversized pool.
  • Maisy the kitten goes on a quest to learn about volume, guided by a talking cube. She learns the formula for calculating volume.
  • A boy named Mr. discovers a mysterious building and learns about perimeter in math.
  • A brief introduction to the concept of time, including units of measurement and some additional facts. The story also includes a short narrative about a character's struggle with telling time.
  • Fred wants new tile for his house but doesn't know how much to buy. He seeks help from a rabbit and Jumping Jack, who teach him about area. Fred measures his kitchen and calculates the amount of tiles needed.
  • A boy named Miles, who dislikes miles as a unit of measurement, is transported to a magical world to learn about them.
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