My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • This book shows the habitats of animals and little girls alike!
    by cece_o56
    Eye Icon 42
    Star Icon 1
  • Alyssa learns that some families are different, and so is hers!
    by cece_o56
    Eye Icon 282
    Star Icon 5
  • Reilly can't wait to compete in the pet show with her friends! There's only one problem- Reilly has no pet!
    by cece_o56
    Eye Icon 541
    Star Icon 7
  • The good veggies use their manners to Mr. Pig everyday. The bad ones do not. Mr. Pig must teach the bad veggies how to be polite.
    by cece_o56
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    Star Icon 2
  • This classic nursery rhyme meets beautiful pictures to make an enchanting bedtime story.
    by cece_o56
    Eye Icon 12
  • When Abril receives the wrong christmas present, she finds out what Christmas really is for.
    by cece_o56
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