Michelle Dartis

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Michelle Dartis is an adjunct college instructor and freelance writer who also serves as an independent historian for BlackPast.org. In addition to an undergraduate degree in social work, she holds two graduate degrees, library science and higher education, respectively. Her passion for writing began in childhood. Michelle aspires to finish her first novel, This Ain’t That, an excerpt can be found on ForHarriet.com.

My Public Books

  • My daughter (and my only child) had been told she couldn't have any children, so I accepted a long time ago that becoming a grandmother was something I would never have the pleasure of experiencing...until I got the great news that my daughter was with child in 2016. This story delves into my granddaughter Trinity's heavenly preparation for life on Mother Earth; more specifically, to bring joy into my daughter Kelli's life and to remind her that she can move mountains when she puts her mind to something.

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