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  • Hey, my wonderful readers, I know, I was supposed to publish it early but there are more than 200 pages here and I have to screen snip every pictures in the books, copy paste the texts and finish the Part-2 of Trip To Japan. I'm so sorry to keep you waiting but, I hoped you enjoy(ed) the book This is the whole collection of my books since 2020. I made this as a New Year's Special for you all, my dear reader(s). I made this with all I could and I hope you enjoy it. I'll make new books for 2021 very soon. Part 2 of Carolina's Adventures Trip To Japan is in this book.
    Changes- Annie's full name- Anastasia Bakker
    Vicky's full name- Victoria Williams
    Rosie's full name- Rosemary Johansson
    Jessa's full name- Jessica Smith
    André's full name- Andrew Nilsson.

    Alexander and Lucy's full names are the same.
    Lucy- Park Seo-Hyeon
    Alexander- Park Seo-Joon

    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • I'll put the link to my other account in the description.
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • I only added 2 drawings in this book. In the next book, I'll add 2 more drawings of mine. I love drawing and I love doing it!
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • Hi guys! I made this book because it is Lucy's birthday. The new characters were added. Names are there in the dedication page. Characters are made in Gacha Club.
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • Changes- Before I gave Lucy's actual name as Lucille and Alexander as his own name but it is Alex in short. Now, I changed it. For Lucy- Park Seo-Hyeon and Alexander- Park Seo-Joon. I tried my best to make this book. I hope you enjoy(ed) it. By the way fellow reader(s), Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! :)
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • by The Sisters Adventures
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  • Hi, my name is Lucy! This was my diary entry and I hope you enjoyed it. I apologize if this story is very short, hope you understand! Was your life like hell? Did you change your life from worst to best?
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • This is just the beginning of the book of 'Trip To Japan'. The changes-Carolina is actually 16 years old, Roseanne is the same age as Carolina, Danielle is 17 years old and Anna is 15 years old. Additional Details- Carolina is born on January 16 2004, Roseanne is born on December 15 2004, Danielle is born on July 18 2003 and Anna is born on September 23 2005. If there are any more changes, I will write it in the description! :)

    Copy and paste these links...
    More Facts About Japan-

    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • Lucy just invented a time machine! Annie and Vicky were amazed at the sight of it. Annie then accidentally pressed a button that she wasn't supposed to. Later, the girls reached different timelines of the universe. Annie keeps ruining the history and because of her, the history keeps changing and changing. Can you tell if all this is just a dream??
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • A group of friends navigate through a lockdown due to COVID-19, facing challenges and finding ways to entertain themselves.
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • It was a quiet and cold evening and Vicky is playing with her pet neko. Later, Jennie came and ruined the peace by forcing Vicky to babysit her. She caused a lot of trouble during the day. Will Vicky EVER manage to survive this nightmare?
    by The Sisters Adventures
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  • Hey everyone, I made some changes about the characters. Rosie is not from France, she's from Sweden. Vicky is not from UK, she's from USA. Vicky's father died when Vicky was 12 years old. Lucy is not from Japan, she's from South Korea. Lucy is from Seoul, her powers are not sparkles, it is galaxy, her element is space. Rosie mostly uses a megaphone to wake the others and very rarely uses frying pans to wake everyone. Rosie overcame all her fears and she's not scared of anything anymore, she's fearless. Jessa is now the biggest coward in the group (She's not afraid of amusement park rides).
    by The Sisters Adventures
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