My Public / Unpublished Books (7)

  • by elibosio
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  • Sue's daily routine is interrupted by a surprise trip to the park on Sunday.
    by elibosio
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  • Pandy is washing his clothes on a sunny day. A bird dirties them, but other birds help clean them. Pandy is happy.
    by elibosio
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  • Pandy celebrates his birthday by receiving gifts from his friends. However, he falls off his bicycle and learns a lesson about being careful.
    by elibosio
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  • Ben and Gina visit a farm, feed animals despite warnings, and share lunch. They learn not to feed animals.
    by elibosio
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  • Kate explores the jungle, encountering various animals. She is happy and learns about their characteristics.
    by elibosio
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  • Mary goes on a treasure hunt to find her missing school supplies, turning it into a fun adventure. She eventually finds everything and is ready for school.
    by elibosio
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