My Public / Unpublished Books (3)

  • This is a fake tail like no other! its about this book that is secertly a prison for 3 ghosts, the first 2 are good, but the 3rd one is the ghost that murdered the first 2! you never know whats going to happen in this....UNUSAL farytail, good luck with reading it! WARNING: EXTREMLY SPOOKY, YOU BETTER HAVE A EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES WHEN READING IT! (only playing)
    by evelynroby
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  • A book about the different evolutions of Eevee, a popular Pokemon, including their characteristics and how they evolve.
    by evelynroby
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  • A little girl named Snowflake is adopted from an orphanage by a scientist who wants to experiment on her. The story ends with a cliffhanger.
    by evelynroby
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