My Public Books

  • This story is about a girl who saw something but no one not even her mom believed her.
  • This book is a little bit scary. I really do think you should read it and all the other books I have written. They aren't as scary.
  • This book is all about food and is made for kids who want to learn about food.
  • This book is about a girl named Chole who was not afraid. Chole lives in Buttery Glen. Read the book to find out more. I hope you enjoy my book!
  • This book is about a girl she and her family grow watermelons and she likes to sketch them. One day she saw something odd read this book to find out more.

  • This book is all about rabbits and is kid friendly. Hope you like it.
  • Steve, a kid with a lot of money, buys all the candy in a store but realizes he has no more money. He dreams of the future where he is rich again.
  • A little boy wants a bird, works for it, and becomes a bird seller. He leaves his job but returns to save the business. They live happily ever after.

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