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  • Cleopatra returns the Land of Fairytales with her magic flute, but something goes wrong. Will she ever be able to return home, and if she does, will she ever be able to go back to Land of Fairytales ever again?
  • Cleopatra finds a magic flute that whisks her to the land of fairy tales! She has to get home soon or she might run out of time.
  • A book to teach young children about stopping water pollution.
  • A poem in memory of a beloved dog, Abbie.
  • When a special crown that belongs to the king goes missing, the queen must find the thief before the king gets home, and before the queen gets thrown in the dungeon!
  • 2 mermaids are swept on the beach by a severe storm, how are they going to survive without food and water?
  • star fairy magic
  • A picture book of the cutest kittens in the world!
  • Grace and Cole find a mermaid........ that grants wishes! When the pirate tries to capture her, what will they do to get their friend back?
  • When a dog sees another dog with a family, she gets lonely. She doesn't have a home or a family. Will she find a family that loves her, or will she remain alone forever?

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