My Public / Unpublished Books (4)

  • Jacqueline, a young girl living in poverty, embarks on an adventure up a magic beanstalk to a land of giants. She encounters various magical objects and creatures, including a talking peacock and an enchanted guitar, which aid her escape from the giants. Jacqueline returns home with magical apples that cure her sick mother.
    by gretathegreat
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  • An old couple finds a magical peach that turns into a baby boy. The boy, Karitina, sets out to find a criminal but goes missing. The story ends with the boy's disappearance.
    by gretathegreat
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  • A girl who had a fateful life.
    by gretathegreat
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  • The story is about a family of Mockingbirds. The parents teach their babies to sing, but one of them, Frank, can't sing like the others. Eventually, Frank discovers he's actually a Cuckoo and learns to embrace his own song.
    by gretathegreat
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