My Public / Unpublished Books (8)

  • Mods in Minecraft return!! Can Hank Kill all the mobs, too?
    by hb18
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  • A great new adventure in Hank C.B's minecraft books.
    You can only remix if you give me credit
    by hb18
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  • A cool Minecraft book about adventure and fun.
    (Also part of a series)
    by hb18
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  • A new book about a superhero
    adventure book with my cousin. If you want to remix, please give me credit. I also write Minecraft books
    by hb18
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  • A new minecraft adventure in my series. You can only remix if you give me credit.

    by hb18
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  • To remix, just ask in comments! You have to give me credit.


    This book is about a spring break paper about the outdoors. The teacher [mr. stack] is grading the papers at the end. whats in the middle you might ask? Well, read today to find out!!!!
    by hb18
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  • A new gaming series by Hank CB (writer of 5 minecraft books, Hank and the modded mayhem, the quest for diamonds, etc)
    my club penguin username is water 22
    by hb18
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  • Part 3 in my minecraft gamer's adventure. I hope you enjoy!
    you can only remix if you give me credit.
    by hb18
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