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  • being respectful, and being kids.
  • this book is for a young child, the words are relatively simple. all the words are words that a two year old would be able to comprehend through receptive language and most of the words are words a two year old could probably also produce through productive language. at age 2, there is a language explosion happening, so we tried to incorporate a variety of different words. there are also a variety of common phonemes like the d sound, the r sound and the t sound as well as some harder phonemes like the x sound and the sound. a variety of morphemes are incorporated as well such as the ing sound,
    Kohlberg Theory:
    Erikson Stages: autonomy vs. self doubt. perception of self as an agent, capable of controlling ones own body and making things happen. the baby crawls around, finds the ball and picks up his own toys.
  • sociology book age 4

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