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  • Imagine being aboard a jet airliner when, just moments after takeoff, you hear the captain say, "Brace for impact." Looking outside your window, you see the skyline of New York City, not from high above, but at the same level as your aircraft. Looking below, you see the Hudson River racing up to meet you. The captain and crew of US Airways Flight 1549, along with 150 very frightened passengers, found themselves in this precise predicament on a chilly morning in January 2009. What happened next has been called the Miracle on the Hudson.
  • Three five-year-old girls have a haunted experience with a ghostly presence at an old abandoned mansion in their neighborhood.
  • Professor Warp Speed is back! This time, he akes a band of time traveling youngsters on a journey back in time and space to the birth of the game of soccer, then traces its development through time to the present day. And you won't believe who he brings along with them!
  • Astronaut Kelly Jonsense takes no nonsense, not from anyone or anything, as he explores planets throughout the galaxy. And that includes monsters on the surface of Mars. Read this exciting story generated from scratch by artificial intelligence.
  • After drinking a very unusual cup of coffee, a grandfather and his two sons are launched on an exciting adventure in spacetime, accompanied by a
    time-traveling entrepreneur and adventurer from the future and a whole menagerie of very dangerous companions from prehistoric times.
  • On a visit to a fortune teller at a county fair, Ebenezer McGeezer was saddled with a curse that would cause him to sneeze whenever he heard a certain phrase spoken by another person. A mysterious stranger recognized this as a potential superpower and recruited Ebenezer into a secret organization, known only as the agency, where he could put his unusual superpower to good use for the benefit of all mankind.
  • Through a series of chance events, a young princess born in 1926 becomes a queen. Her reign of 70 years (and counting) is the second longest of any ruler in the history of the world and may soon become the longest. This is not a fairy tale, but rather a true story from real life. Can you guess her name?
  • Fifi loved to dance and worked very hard to become a ballerina. She made it! So there she was in Paris, just about to give the biggest performance of her life, when something very strange happened that prevented her from making a fool of herself in front of the whole world.
  • A humble court jester stumbles into a golden opportunity to better his lot, providing that he can banish a very dangerous dragon to the bottom of the sea.
  • This is a true story about the greatest racehorse that ever lived. He was known to the racing world as Secretariat, but to the people who knew him best, he was always just Red or Big Red. In 1973, as a three-year-old, Secretariat won the elusive Triple Crown, consisting of the three most prestigious events in horse racing. In doing so, he set speed records in all three races that stand to this day, nearly half a century later. And you won't believe what he did in the Belmont, the final leg of the Triple Crown!
  • This is the story of the most famous statue in the world, what it represents, and how it came to be. We usually refer to it as the Statue of Liberty, but its official name is Liberty Enlightening the World. And it has been doing that since 1886. But the idea for Lady Liberty arose more than twenty years earlier in France and she was given to America as a gift.
  • A praying mantis takes you on a trip into his backyard kingdom, where you will learn some very interesting facts about the goings-on in his world.
  • While roasting marshmallows with his family one evening at their backyard fire pit, nine-year-old Roman is suddenly swept up into an exciting adventure in space and time.
  • A young girl takes her favorite stuffed animal on a trip to the zoo to see all the real animals there.
  • Introduces a newborn to their extended family, providing names and relationships. Encourages recognition of family members.
  • Ollie is a fun-loving shark. Meet him and his friends in this charming story with a surprise ending.
  • On his 106th birthday, Willy Makit recalls what happened to him on the night of his sixth birthday, exactly 100 years before. His story involves a bitterly cold night, a barking dog, and a rustic old privy about forty yards away from the house. It's a gripping tale that you won't soon forget!
  • In this book, we look at the complete history of missions to Mars. beginning in 1960 and continuing through the present day (June 2019). We also look at planned and possible future missions.
  • This is the true story of the race to the moon in the 1960s, told by someone who remembers the whole thing from start to finish.
  • Three-year-old Ollie finds a spider in the back yard that just keeps growing and growing and growing! Oh, boy!
  • Five-year-old Donovan is taken on a swashbuckling adventure by a pirate captain from the 18th century and his time-travelling parrot.
  • Two wacky brothers from the village of Krum arrive in a neighboring town and announce that they will accept any challenge the townsfolk throw at them. The mayor challenges them to make a baby laugh who has never laughed before. They accept the challenge, thinking that it will be easy, but they are wrong. After they give up, a scruffy old dog strolls casually across the town square and approaches the child. Wait until you see what happens next!
  • This is the story of a curious young Martian who travels to Earth in his flying saucer and just happens to arrive on Halloween night. At first, he is fearful of all the strange goings-on, but soon realizes that it is all in fun and decides to join a group of trick-or-treaters.
  • Sneezer McGeezer goes to Egypt and helps a little mummy boy find his mummy mommy and then gets stuck in a pyramid. But Sneezer has a special talent - a very unusual special talent - that allows him to free himself.

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