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  • A dog writes in his diary about a new addition to the household....a cat.
  • Have you ever wished you had a super power? Like super strength, x-ray vision, or the ability to fly. In the dog world Blood Hounds have a super power, the power to smell. To learn more about Blood Hounds and their super noses check out this book by Jackson Rogers.
  • Have you ever wondered about if the old fairy tales were made in the present? Well your to find out one in this book!
  • My friend Christiana has special needs. She is awesome with animals. She wants to be an animal trainer for her job one day. If you love animals, you'll love this book!
  • This book is fun to read because it can teach other people to go outside more to find cool stuff like I did.
  • Make a homemade rocket and see how high you can get it to fly.
  • When an evil witch ruins the 10th birthday party of twin sisters, Andra and Adelphia, they are torn apart by an enchanted spell. Andra, left handicapped by the spell, learns that bitterness and self-pity are not the way to overcome trials.
  • This wordless picture book is a great book for parents with young children to explore together. After reading the book, take a walk around your neighborhood and see how many faces you can find hiding on the sidewalks.

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