My Public / Unpublished Books (3)

  • Lily, a girl who loves the woods, asks her dad for permission to go alone. She gets lost but finds her way back home and decides to go with her family next time.
    by jordanla
    Eye Icon 396
    Star Icon 31
  • Pearl, a playful kitten, is left alone by her family. She tries to entertain herself but gets scared by a mysterious knocking. Her family returns and she realizes they would never leave her. Pearl and her friend Lily play outside happily.
    by jordanla
    Eye Icon 2562
    Star Icon 118
  • Pufferfish and his friends encounter a mean shark. They come up with an idea to make the shark nice, and it works. They all play hide and seek happily.
    by jordanla
    Eye Icon 485
    Star Icon 33
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