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  • It is long! Please enjoy! :)
  • The story follows a young boy, Meyer Brod, and his football team, the Yellow Shockers, as they navigate through various games to reach the state tournament. The narrative explores teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth.
  • A fun and informative book that teaches kids about different foods from A to Z, with jokes and facts included.
  • Casandra and her mother move into a haunted house where Casandra disappears. She meets Melena, another girl who disappeared years ago. When the house is destroyed, they return to human form and reunite with Casandra's mother.
  • Jack and his mom move to New York, but Jack is unhappy. They have a small hotel room and Jack doesn't like the pizza. The next day, they go to check out a new school.
  • Jacob, a boy with a stutter, moves to Wyoming and faces challenges at school and during baseball tryouts.
  • The story follows Janae, a girl transitioning to 6th grade at Phoenix Academy. She navigates friendships, school drama, and personal growth. The narrative includes an end-of-school party, a food fight, and a beach trip.
  • Daniella and her sister Ella go to their favorite waterpark, Splish Splash, only to find it closed. They discover Lance's Evil Attraction and defeat him, restoring Splish Splash.
  • When an old man approaches Semolina and her best friend, they want nothing to do with him or his "werewolf." But, when Semolina's pet is targeted by the savage, they have no choice but to help.
  • A girl named Madison wakes up hearing voices and follows their instructions, leading to a mysterious encounter. The story ends on a cliffhanger.
  • A brief introduction to K-pop and three popular idol groups: BTS, iKON, and Wanna One, with some information about their members and songs.

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