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Books by kenzizinkhan

  • This spooky book is about this kid walking into a haunted house and finding spooky things and spooky monsters hidden around. If you want to find the hidden things, come and see what's inside here!
  • This is about a dolphin who had a family and the family chose to travel deeper into the water. But on the way there, one of the dolphins got lost and tried to find his way back home, but he got even more lost and an orca blocked his path. Will the dolphin find his way back home, or will he be eaten for lunch by an orca?
  • This is about a girl named Sammy that makes a lot of super funny and exiting jokes!
  • Hey guys!!!! This is Kenzi! This is a book that is all about me! Enjoy!!!!!!!!:)
  • This is about a dragon that is very lonely and found this girl named Alissin and became friends with her

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