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  • Null is an alien from the planet Crex. When the vicious Tudriks attack his planet, he is thrown into space jail. He later escapes and finds himself on Earth. Soon a young boy from New Mexico gets caught up in an intergalactic space chase.
  • While his grade 6 class is cleaning up the local beach, Ben mysteriously disappears. He finds himself at the bottom of the ocean. The crazy part is that he is able to breathe and talk underwater. How is that possible? Ben soon learns that he has a deeper connection to the ocean than he could've ever imagined.
  • The Cabbage Rolling Stones have been called "The World's Greatest Polka Band." The group's meteoric rise brought them fame and fortune. It also brought them a lot of problems. This is the tale of the ups and downs of Poland's favorite Polka stars.
  • A young boy is having fun flying his drone with his friend on a Saturday morning. The drone was given extra power by the boy's Dad, an Engineer, and it ends up in outer space. When it returns to Earth, it filled with a group of unusual passengers.
  • მცირე მოცულობის წიგნში აღწერილია თუ რატომ იცვლის ფოთლები სეზონის მიხედვით ფერს
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