My Public / Unpublished Books (5)

  • A young trainer named Doge embarks on a Pokemon journey, collecting mega stones and badges, battling enemies, and making friends along the way.
    by laurene3
    Eye Icon 531
    Star Icon 43
  • An amazing Minecraft story involving YouTubers and Amazinggmr
    by laurene3
    Eye Icon 733
    Star Icon 41
  • Steve embarks on an adventure, battling zombies and saving the world with his army of villagers.
    by laurene3
    Eye Icon 1411
    Star Icon 59
  • Mr. Crab goes on a journey to find a new shell, encountering various options along the way. He eventually finds the perfect shell and returns to his old neighborhood.
    by laurene3
    Eye Icon 126
    Star Icon 10
  • This story is about Roblox and three people who are trying to solve a mystery.
    by laurene3
    Eye Icon 11079
    Star Icon 410

My Collection - "Books I Like" Follow Collection

  • escapeing prison
    by ptx
  • Dogebank Finds A Mega Stone
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