My Public / Unpublished Books (6)

  • Lucy, a little girl fascinated with mermaids, magically becomes one and experiences life under the sea before returning home.
    by Lexy Moore
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  • Poppie the pig runs away from the farm but gets scared and lost. A little rabbit helps her find her way back home.
    by Lexy Moore
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  • Hester Prynne, accused of adultery, faces public shame in a Puritan town. She raises her daughter Pearl alone, while her husband secretly watches. The truth is revealed, leading to tragedy and redemption.
    by Lexy Moore
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  • Addie's family embarks on a journey to bury her in Jefferson, facing various challenges along the way.
    by Lexy Moore
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  • A young woman in 1960s Mississippi writes a book about the lives of African American maids, facing resistance and backlash from her community.
    by Lexy Moore
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  • by Lexy Moore
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