My Public Books

  • A heartwarming tale of Two sister coming to the aid of Two other sisters.
  • Emma, a girl living in an adoption center, meets Erica and her mother at the park. They offer to adopt Emma, and she happily agrees.
  • Gracie, an orphan girl, stumbles upon a magic crystal and meets a fairy princess named Elena. She gets caught up in a conflict with the evil Duchess Morgana, helps rescue Elena's sister Isabell from a dungeon, and ultimately becomes a fairy herself.
  • Prim gets lost while looking for her cat and is eventually found with the help of a kind stranger and the police.
  • Liza adopts two reborn toddlers, Tammy and Miracle, and they become a close-knit family.
  • Martha learns the true meaning of Christmas after a visit from her younger self. She apologizes to her friends and changes her selfish ways.
  • When Charlotte hears her friend Courtney's family can't afford Christmas she decides to help her friend out but how can she
  • It's a special day for Miracle's adopted sister Prim and Miracle is overwhelmed with jealousy of her.
  • Naomi and Nancy find a baby girl in the bushes and take her home. They try to find her mother but end up adopting her as their own.
  • Princess Scarlett, an irresponsible princess, becomes acting Queen when her mother falls ill. She makes some poor decisions but learns from her mistakes and becomes a great Queen.
  • Princess Sophie discovers she is a mermaid and reunites with her birth family, leading to a happy ending for everyone.
  • Prim's birthday party is postponed due to her high fever, but her sisters surprise her with a mini birthday party at home.
  • When a new baby joins the family Tammy feels left out from the baby getting all of her parents attention
  • Chloe, a girl in foster care, is reunited with her twin sister Cassie with the help of her foster sister Natalie and their mom.
  • A riveting saga of a Princess's journey from rags to riches.
  • Cinderella, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, attends a royal ball with the help of her fairy godmother. She captures the attention of the king but flees at midnight, leaving behind a glass slipper. The king searches for her and finds Cinderella, leading to their marriage and the punishment of her stepfamily.
  • Lisa, a girl from Kitchener, falls in love with American Girl dolls and convinces her grandparents to buy her one. She later collects more dolls and they all live happily ever after.
  • Four princess sisters, Anna, Lea, Julie, and Cassidy, struggle with favoritism and jealousy. They plot to humiliate Cassidy but learn the importance of communication and forgiveness.
  • Lisa, a girl who loves her dolls, wishes for one of them, Julie, to become a real girl. Her wish comes true with the help of a magical fairy.
  • Blair and Freddie celebrate New Year's Eve, get engaged, and find out they're expecting a baby.
  • Anna and Lea, two sisters, grow apart when Anna starts high school. A fight with a friend helps them reconcile and become closer.
  • A baby girl is put up for adoption and finds a loving family on her 3rd birthday.
  • Gabby learns the true meaning of friendship when she confronts her friend Isabelle about her materialistic behavior.

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