Lekha Murali

Writing is second nature to me. All my life, I have written poems, stories, essays, etc... The original story was written as a gift for a friend, years ago, in college. I am blessed in the riches of friendship. They keep me grounded and cheer me on. They question me and keep me on my toes. I am a better person for my friends. I hope this book brings that same joy of friendship to young children who are starting their lives, for whom this story could be read to.

My Public Books

  • “The Birthday Gift”, is a bed-time story for toddlers, about friendship.

    In an effort to impress his friend on her birthday, Teddy went searching for the best gift he could find. After buying the gift, he loses it on the bus ride back home. After losing the gift, Teddy is too embarrassed and decides not to attend the party.

    His mother insists, he attends the party, and not disappoint his best friend. Teddy goes to the party and Bunny is thrilled to see him.

    That’s when he realizes being there for a friend is more important than trying to impress with gifts.

    This is a show-and-tell story for toddlers, with relevant illustrations.

    I hope as parents and grandparents, you enjoy reading to your infants, as they begin to understand the basic constructs of language and human experience.

My Collection - "Books I like"

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